Hi BHPC members,

Brookfield Pony Club has again been asked to participate in this year’s ANZAC Day event at the Brookfield Showground with a led troop of Pony Club horses and ponies at 11 am, following the earlier remembrance event at 9 am. This later event acknowledges the Shell Green cricket match played at Gallipoli during preparations for the allied troops’ evacuation, the contribution of Sri Lankans who fought alongside the ANZACs, the history of the local community’s commitment to supply horses for the war effort, and the sacrifice of past Kenmore State High student Mathew Hopkins who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. The led horse troop re-enacts the donation of horses to the war effort during World War I, with local horses being led to the grounds for recruitment. The organisers from the RSL have also extended the invitation to other local Pony Clubs to widen the community involvement in this event.

Pony Club members lead their horses in pairs in a troop line, led by riders of the Light Horse Association, and stand behind the Army XI and Brookfield cricket teams along with Armoured Vehicles for the remembrance, including recital of the Ode and the Last Post, before the cricket match. Your club’s involvement has been greatly appreciated in previous years. Below are the details of the event, although times may alter slightly.

When: Monday 25 April arriving at 10.15 am for the parade at approx 11.00 am and completion around 12.00
Where: Parking of floats in the cemetery paddock and gathering on the grassy area for line-up and troop practice with instructors
Who: Horse to be presented with neat and clean natural presentation in bridle; handler to be in formal Pony Club uniform including helmet. Parents can accompany junior handlers as required and medals can be worn [right side for those wearing medals on behalf of loved ones]

Please let Sandy know if you are coming on ANZAC Day with your horse to take part in our Pony Club troop (sandypollitt@hotmail.com). Our members have always really appreciated the opportunity of being involved in this special Shell Green event where the horses are the highlight of the ceremony.

Sandy Pollitt
Chief Instructor
Brookfield Horse & Pony Club