About the BHPC

Letter from the President - March 2018


Dear Members

On behalf of the Management Committee of the Brookfield Horse and Pony Club Inc (BHPC), I welcome all renewing members and new members to our Club.


BHPC has the following objects expressed in its Rules:

(a) To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding;

(b) To provide instruction in riding and horsemanship, and to instil in members the proper love and care of their animals;

(c) To promote the highest ideals of horsemanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self-discipline.


Your Committee encourages everyone involved with BHPC to keep in mind the aims and objectives of Pony Club and to involve yourselves in the activities of BHPC, Pony Club Association Queensland (PCAQ) and the Zone for the benefit of all members.

BHPC is located in the south east Queensland zone of pony club, Metropolitan Zone 1. Amongst other things, Zone 1 regularly holds championship events in most equestrian disciplines that our riders can attend, an annual camp which is great fun and holds monthly meetings at which the BHPC is represented as an affiliated member of Zone 1.

BHPC is a community club for local horse enthusiasts with a keen membership of both children and adults. BHPC provides a safe teaching environment for children and adults to pursue equestrian sports. BHPC prides itself on teaching basic horsemanship for beginners through to preparing riders for elite competition, whether it be State and National pony club competition or interschool and Equestrian Queensland events.

My family joined BHPC in 2001 and since that time I have served on the Management Committee, been the club’s representative to Zone 1 for many years, become an instructor, an accredited PCAQ official show jump judge, course builder and event technical director, as well as being a parent whose two daughters went through the club and a riding member. As a result I think I have a balanced and historical view of the club and its strengths and weaknesses, and can say with confidence BHPC is a great pony club with a strong history, friendly and supportive culture and good location and facilities.

BHPC is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers on its committee and voluntary instructors, and therefore can only operate successfully if members and parents give of their time and effort to support the activities of the Club and to share the workload involved. I encourage you to get involved and experience all that the Club has to offer your family.

We look forward, with your assistance, to a successful and enjoyable year.

Peter Ryan

Our Instructors

BHCP is very lucky to have a dedicated and long list of qualified instructors who provide a high standard of coaching for all members of the club.

Chief Instructor:
Sandy Pollitt
Level B, NCAS level 1

Sue Austin
Level B, NCAS level 1

Michelle Beatty
NCAS Prelim

Jennifer Gunn
NCAS Prelim

Cathy McCarthy
Level B, NCAS level 1

Anne Rhodes
Level C

Peter Ryan
Level C, NCAS level 1

Liz Terry
Level C, NCAS level 1

Phil Vincent
Level C

Erika Woodland
Level B, NCAS level 1


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The Brookfield Horse & Pony Club is a not-for-profit organisation. We encourage young people to ride and to enjoy horses and riding.