Brookfield Horse and Pony Club Membership

There are three types of membership at the BHPC

Riding Member

Yearly benefits;

  • 10 Musters per/yr;
  • Use of the Rita O’Hanlon arena;
  • Use of the Showgrounds Long Yard;
  • Annual Pony Club camp;
  • External clinics and/or training sessions*

(costs are determined on an event by event basis)

Part-time Member

Yearly benefits;

  • 3 Musters per/yr;
  • Use of the Rita O’Hanlon arena;
  • Use of the Showgrounds Long Yard;
  • Annual Pony Club camp;
  • External clinics and/or training sessions*

(costs are determined on an event by event basis)

Social Member

Suitable for non-riding parents or friends who are required to be a member of Pony Club for insurance purposes. Entitles participation in the full range of social activities, horse and non-horse related, as well as a vote in any Club meetings. In joining up children under the age of 18, at least one parent has to be a Riding (full or part-time) or Social Member.

Friends of BHPC

Friends of BHPC – Available to people who have been a financial member in the past. Allows a connection to BHPC to be retained through newsletters, invitations to events, volunteer opportunities at Brookfield Show and other events.

How to Join

Renewal of membership or joining pony club is a 2 stage process with the first stage being done online through the Pony Club Association of Queensland (PCAQ) and the second stage by downloading and completing BHPC forms.

  • Stage 1 - PCAQ

    This is done online via a link to the "My Pony Club" Each joining member of a family needs to be entered and paid for individually. Payment is by credit card only.

    If you are joining a Pony Club for the first time, click on “Join Pony Club”. If you are an existing member, click on “Log-in Member”. You will then be able to view your existing membership and manage a transfer of that to BHPC.

    Once this stage is completed, your BHPC membership will be listed as pending.

  • Stage 2 - BHPC

    The BHPC Membership form is available here. Email or return these signed forms to our memberships coordinator along with proof of payments of bonds and maintenance levy. A current Hendra Vaccination Certificate for your horse should also be submitted.  

    Once all forms and monies are received by BHPC, your membership will be approved by BHPC Management Committee and the credit card nominated in the PCAQ application will be charged.

  • Stage 4 - Gear Requirements

    Read and make sure you comply with gear requirements.

Cost of Membership

PCAQ/BHPC affiliation fees

This depends on how many members of a family join. There are discounts applied for multiple family members joining. As a starting point for a single rider (Rider 1), the 2018 PCAQ/BHPC fee is under $300. If a second rider from that family joins (Rider 2) their PCAQ/BHPC fee drops to under $200 and so on. 2018 Social Membership is $61.50. A Friends of BHPC membership is $50 annually.

These fees cover State membership, insurance, administration and credit card charges.

Please contact the Membership Secretary with any specific queries regarding membership for a family.

BHPC Bonds and Levy

On joining BHPC there are two bonds to be paid, per family, that are rolled over for subsequent years of membership when all commitments involved in those bonds are fulfilled in that year. They are retained by BHPC in the event they are not fulfilled for that year or refunded upon ceasing membership.

  1. Set-up and canteen roster bond ($150): Each family is required to nominate for two set-up rosters and two canteen rosters. Set-up for each muster occurs the preceding afternoon. Canteen commitments are on the day of the muster and involve preparation and serving of morning tea, lunch and clean-up. Any family member can be involved in helping set-up, although children should be supervised by an adult. Canteen duties are restricted to adults.

In the event of a family with a leadline rider who may find a canteen roster difficult to take on, there is facility to restrict the roster to set-ups only in consultation with the Roster Coordinator.

Members are also required to participate in two working bees or fundraising activity rosters that are advised through the year.

  1. Brookfield Show Roster ($150): Each family is also required to volunteer at two three-hour shifts in the Canteen over the Brookfield Show weekend. This is a major fundraiser for our Club and the Brookfield Pony Club burgers are legendary. The roster is opened for nominations in the lead-up to Brookfield Show.

For Riding Members, both bonds are charged. Part-time members need only pay the Brookfield Show bond. A Social Member is exempt from paying either bond. The bonds are charged per family.

  1.  Annual Family Maintenance Levy (2018 - $30): Payable annually. Contributes towards the maintenance of equipment and the Pony Club grounds.


The Brookfield Horse & Pony Club is a not-for-profit organisation. We encourage young people to ride and to enjoy horses and riding.