Combined Training Practice Day

Hi BHPC riders,

Combined Training practice – Sunday 9 August 

The club is having a Combined Training practice on Sunday 9 August. Combined Training consists of 2 separate phases: dressage and show jumping. The dressage tests used by Pony Club in 2020 are from the Equestrian Australia website. I have attached 3 tests to choose from:

  1.  Walk Trot Prep Test A – for those riders wishing to Walk and Trot to gain dressage experience
  2. Preliminary 1A – canter included
  3. Novice 2A – more advanced

Even the youngest riders can do a Walk-Trot dressage test (parents are most welcome leading their riders in the dressage arena) and can get led around the low, “rails on the ground” showjumping course.

Show jumping will start low and go higher in 20 cm increments.

  1. Rails on the ground
  2. Cross rails 20 cm
  3. 40 cm
  4. 60 cm
  5. 80 cm

Set up of the dressage arena and show jumping course will start at 10 am. Dressage will start at 10.45 am. Riders will ride their dressage test first on the showground, then proceed across the road to the show jumping course on the Rita O’Hanlon arena. Riders can do 2 rounds of show jumping, either both rounds at the same height or a higher second round.

I must know the dressage test you are riding, the height you want to start showjumping, and who is coming to comply with COVID-19 requirements for contact tracing.

Please let me know the following:

  1. The name of rider/s attending in your family
  2. The name of the parent/s attending
  3. Dressage test to be ridden
  4. Show jumping start height

Email Sandy at or text 0400 952 002 by 5 pm Wednesday 5 August to let me know if you are coming to the CT practice. I will put together a draw for riders so you will have an approximate riding time for your dressage test. The day requires assistance from parents –  please come prepared to help – all parents should have a turn calling or pencilling in the dressage, and rail stewarding for show jumping, as well as helping with set up or pull down. Parents of riders who are doing their dressage tests early in the session must help with setup, and parents of riders doing their dressage test later in the session must help with pull down.

Print out your dressage test and bring it on the day, there will not be spare copies available. Also fill out the PCQ Horse Health and Participation Health Declaration.

Any questions, email me with your queries.



BHPC Chief Instructor