Dressage and Show Jumping Practice Session – Sunday 12 June

Hi Brookfield Pony Club riders,

Brookfield Pony Club is holding a Combined Training event on Sunday 31 July at the Brookfield Showgrounds and Reserve. A Combined Training competition consists of a dressage test and a round of show jumping.

Dressage and Show Jumping Practice Session – Sunday 12 June – midday setup

To help our riders to prepare for the event, we are holding a dressage and show jumping practice session on Sunday 12 June starting with setup at midday. All riders are welcome, beginners to experienced competitors. Riders can practise their dressage test and then ride the show jumping course in the session. If you only want to practise dressage or show jumping, come along as well.

In the attached Combined Training programme, you can see the dressage tests and show jumping heights for different age groups. Official classes are for riders with a performance card for their horse, these can be obtained from Pony Club Queensland by filling out the required form. Riders will ride their dressage test and receive feedback from the judge, and then be able to ride the show jumping course twice in the session.

To attend, please nominate with me – email Sandy Pollitt at sandypollitt@hotmail.com  or text me on 0400 952 002 by 6 pm on Wednesday 8 June. Do not hit reply to this email

Please let me know:


  1. which dressage test you would like to practise
  2. which height you will be jumping – those jumping higher will ride later in the day


 Parents and riders are required to help with setup or pulldown. Please bring a completed Horse Health Declaration. As at a muster, all gear must be Pony Club compliant.

For nominations and enquiries, please email or phone/text me as soon as possible.



(BHPC Chief Instructor)