Do I have to use gear that is compliant with Pony Club Queensland (PCQ) requirements?

To be covered by PCQ insurance when riding, the gear you use on your horse, as well as your own riding gear (including your helmet and boots) must comply with PCQ requirements. Look up the requirements in the 2020 Saddlery and Gear Check Book on the Rulebooks page of the PCQ website (


Why must I sign up for canteen and set up duties and who do I contact to arrange this? What happens if I have missed sign on day in January?

Set up is carried out on the Saturday afternoon prior to the Sunday muster, in order for the muster attendees to be able to concentrate on arriving with their ponies on Sunday. The canteen is made available to all members and their families on the day of the muster and its morning tea and lunch offerings are legendary – nothing too fancy, just the best slices (donated on the day) and hamburgers etc in the country. Members are required to complete 2 set-ups and 2 canteen shifts throughout the year. If a member is required to be with their lead-line child at musters, they can be made exempt from canteen duties and take on one extra set-up shift, at the discretion the roster coordinator. She is very happy to chat with you regarding any questions.


What is the Brookfield Show Roster?

The Brookfield Show takes place annually in mid-May( 13th,14,15th) and the Pony Club Canteen operates throughout the three days of the Show. It is the Pony Club’s major fundraiser and therefore it is essential that all members participate in the Show roster.


Members nominate for two three- hour shifts over the course of the Show for various aspects of canteen duty, eg., serving, food preparation. Other shifts available involve cleaning prior to/after the Show. The roster coordinator will release this roster for your consideration closer to Show time, around April each year.

In order for the Canteen to operate smoothly, showing up on time and limiting mobile phone usage is greatly appreciated.

If you cannot commit to your agreed timeslot, please advise our roster co-ordinator. You may choose to replace yourself with another paid worker at your expense. All workers must be over the age of 15.


You are also required to complete 2 working bees and assist with a fundraiser throughout the year (Anzac day, Bush Xmas). The roster coordinator will email all members asking them for their assistance with these in advance.


Who packs up post-muster?

Obviously after a fantastic but tiring muster, everyone is keen to get themselves and ponies home ASAP. In order to allow everyone to be able to do, all muster attendees are expected to help pull down and stow equipment after the muster finishes. This includes those who have been rostered for set-up the previous day. Children are also encouraged to help. Many hands make light work.


Can I leave my child and their pony at a muster and pop in and out during the day?

In short – no! Parents are to be present on Pony Club grounds at all times. Failure to attend to this may result in membership being revoked. However, in certain circumstances, you may nominate another club parent as your child’s guardian for the muster. This must be in writing and with the consent of the other parent.


How do I clean my stable properly and why this is important?

BHPC and the Brookfield Reserve Trustee have strict requirements on the cleanliness of the stables and yards.

BHPC pays fees to the Reserve Trust for the continued use of the grounds. To ensure continued use, keeping stables and grounds is greatly appreciated to ensure the clubs’ continued use of the grounds.  Please sign in on the sign on sheet located near the stables and note your name and phone number next to the stable you are responsible for the day. A manure fork and scoop is available at the stables and it is the attendees’ responsibility to ensure that any stable or yard used during the course of the day is completely cleaned of manure and littered hay.


Is a Horse Health Declaration Form required at every muster?

Yes. They are to be handed to the person collecting them prior to line-up at each muster. It’s useful to keep a copy of your horses’ Hendra vaccination certificates on your phone to aid completing the declaration on site. Our digital Horse Health Decalaration can be found here


Can I attend Pony Club camp and pay later?

All camp fees must be paid upfront when nominating. Riders will be refused entry to camp grounds and lessons if in arrears.


Can I use the Arena, long yard and showgrounds.? Yes.

The Rita O’Hanlon Arena - Once you are members you can access the arena. As new members, you will be advised of the current code.

The arena code changes every month or so. Please do not share this code with anyone else and shut and turn the code dial after you leave. Pony club members from other clubs are NOT entitled to use the arena. To use the arena you MUST be either a BHPC member or a permit holder. Please book your time on the BHPC google calendar. If you have any problems please contact the arena coordinator  -

Showground and long yard use – BHPC members have free use of the showground oval and long yard. You must apply to the Brookfield Reserve Trust to use the oval or long yard arena 48hrs before you intend ride.  Use the Brookfield showground website ( to book the oval or long yard. Only 1 rider at a time in the long yard.


Is the BHPC uniform mandatory at musters?

Yes, riders are required to wear BHPC uniform when attending musters. Although allowance will be made for first muster attended, it is the member’s responsibility to purchase full informal and formal uniform as well as saddlecloth to ensure riders are kitted out for subsequent musters. The uniform shop is open on muster days, and the convenor can also be contacted at Unfortunately no IOUs will be accepted on the day. You will also need a BHPC uniform if you intend to compete at other Pony clubs. Please complete and pay your uniform order online


Where can I park my float?

On muster days, the area outside the stable is a stop, unload, and load space only.  There should be NO PARKING there throughout the day. This area is a thoroughfare. More float parking is available in the cemetery paddock carpark. Please refrain from parking cars near the Showground entry gates due to the volume of horse and float traffic in that area.


What happens to my bond if I leave the club?

You are entitled to a refund of bonds upon advising BHPC of your intentions and requesting a refund if your roster commitments have been deemed as fulfilled by the Roster Coordinator.


Any other questions?

Our Chief Instructor is Sandy Pollitt who has over 22 years at BHPC. Her email address is should you wish to contact her about any of your further questions. We also have 8 instructors who are more than happy to help you on your horsey journeys this year too. A good place to start is our BHPC website and the PCAQ website. We also have a monthly newsletter which you will be sent to keep you up to date with competitions and the happenings at the club.


If you have any further questions please feel free to ask any Committee member. We are a friendly bunch and want to see you enjoy your experience in any way we can and help to make that happen. Please see the contact details for committee members on the Contact Information Page