February 2024 Newsletter

Hi BHPC members,

Welcome to Brookfield Horse & Pony Club (BHPC) for 2024. I hope you are all gearing up for a fun and exciting year of riding at musters, clinics and camp, as well as making new friends and learning more about your horses and ponies!!

I have attached the February 2024 newsletter to keep you informed about Pony Club activities, with lots of information about rules and requirements at the first muster. I welcome your photos and stories of your equestrian activities throughout the year to include in the newsletter. Many thanks to Liz Terry for Part 2 of her Snowy Mountains adventure with her horse Ivan.

 1st Muster: Sunday 25 February

8 am Start – 2 pm Finish (earlier if getting too hot) – Our first muster for the year will start with a lineup on the Showgrounds at 8 am before breaking into groups for different activities. Activities will include flatwork, games/team games and polework/gridwork/jumping.

Please let Sandy know if you are coming or not coming to the muster by 5 pm Tuesday 20 February (email chiefinstructor@brookfieldponyclub.org.au or text 0400 952 002). This is important to allow rider groups to be organised and for catering purposes. The muster timetable will be sent out late next week after rider groups are known.

Younger riders who are feeling tired do not have to stay for the entire muster and can leave earlier if they need to. All riders please let your instructor know if you are leaving early.

The newsletter has more details regarding the muster.

Rules and regulations

At the start of the year, it is a great time to refresh or learn the Rules, Regulations, Policies, Insurance, etc on the Pony Club Queensland (PCQ) and Pony Club Australia (PCA) websites. This knowledge is valuable for everyone to know, easily accessible and available to everyone. Visit  NATIONAL GEAR RULES – Pony Club Australia  to look though the PCA National saddlery and gear rules. Other pages provide information on Rules for different Equestrian disciplines, Insurance & Policies, Coaching resources, etc. Browse the website and learn about our parent body PCQ and also look at the website of the national organisation PCA (HOME – Pony Club Australia).

** Of particular note:

Helmets – check your helmet is compliant with PCA rules.

Body Protectors (Jumping Vests) – COMPULSORY for both training and competing in Cross Country. Not needed at February muster as there will be no cross country jumping, however highly recommended for show jumping.

New Member Orientation

Saturday 24 February at 5 pm at the BHPC Clubhouse next to the Show Society bar – New members joining this year are invited along on the Saturday afternoon before our first muster for an orientation session. If you intend to come along, please let me know by email at chiefinstructor@brookfieldponyclub.org.au by 5 pm Tuesday 20 February. We will go through some basics including: how Pony Club works, rules, timetable, where is everything, tour of facilities.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the first BHPC muster in 2024. Stay safe everyone on this incredibly rainy day. Let’s hope for sunny days to dry out our grounds for the muster.


Sandy Pollitt

BHPC Chief Instructor/Newsletter editor