First Muster for 2021 – Sunday 28 February

Sunday 28 February 8 am – 2 pm

Our first muster for the year will start with a lineup on the Showgrounds at 8 am before breaking into groups for different activities. Activities will include flatwork, games and polework/gridwork/showjumping. Please aim to be there and in the saddle by 7.30 am – 7.45 am to warm up and be ready to start. There will be a short morning tea break at around 9.40, please bring your own supplies for this break. The canteen will only be running at the lunch break from 11.30.

Can all parents please be present on the oval from 8 am. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child’s group during the muster. Younger riders who are feeling tired do not have to stay for the entire muster and can leave earlier if they need to. Please let your instructor know if you are leaving.


COVID-19 restrictions still apply. Please do not attend if you or anyone in your family is not well. There will be a QR code to log your attendance at the main gate onto the oval. Please leave your Horse and Participant Declaration in the box by the gate. During lunch on the canteen veranda, please practise social distancing. We need to keep everyone safe. There will be hand sanitiser at multiple sites, please use it regularly.

Rules and regulations

At the start of the year, it is a great time for everyone to refresh or learn the Rules, Regulations, Policies, Insurance, etc, on the website of Pony Club Queensland, our state parent organisation. This knowledge is valuable for everyone to know. Visit the Resources page at Resources – Pony Club ( and select Rule Books. There you will find the Saddlery & Gear Check book, the different disciplines Rulebooks, Insurance & Policies, etc. Some of the Rulebooks are waiting for their 2021 update, but its essential to read what is current.

** Of particular note:

Helmets – helmet compliance expires 5 years from the date of manufacture. Please check helmets now, if over 5 years since manufacture, helmets cannot be used at Pony Club.

Body Protectors (Jumping Vests) – NOW in 2021, COMPULSORY for both training and competing in Cross Country. Not needed at February muster as there will be no cross country jumping. Highly recommended for Showjumping.

Go to the Saddlery & Gear Check book to get all information.

New Member Orientation

Saturday 27 February at 5 pm at the BHPC Clubhouse – New members joining this year are invited along on the Saturday afternoon before our first muster for an orientation session. If you intend to come along, please let me know by email at by Thursday 25 February. We will go through some basics including: how pony club works, rules, timetable, Pony Club Queensland, where is everything, tour of facilities.

Remember to bring your completed Horse and Participant Health Declaration. The Brookfield Showground PIC number is QJBB0368 for your Declaration. We have some riders attending for a Come and Try day, please make them welcome. Adult riders are also very welcome to ride.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the first muster.