HPC Worksheets for September for Horsemastership awards

Hi BHPC riders,

I have attached the first of the 3 sets of worksheets that are part of the assessment for the end of year horsemastership prizes and for the Horsemastership Champion rug. These September worksheets are about the parts of the horse, saddle and bridle. I have also attached reference information to assist you to find the answers, and you can also use any horse books you have, or look on the internet for answers. Younger members may need assistance, please ask your parents or older brothers and sisters to help you.

There are 2 worksheets for September – one for older members 13 years and over, and one for younger members who are 12 years and younger. The sheet that you fill out will be based on your age on 1 September. The following worksheets will be sent out in early October and November. Even if you turn 13 in the next months, keep doing the next sheets for younger riders as that way you stay in the same assessment group. Fill the sheets out, and hand in at the canteen at the September muster lunch break. If you don’t get the sheets finished in time for the muster, just hand them in at the following muster.

At our BHPC Awards event in November, there will be special horsemastership prizes for those who complete all the worksheets, and the special rug for the Horsemastership Champion in the 2 age categories.

Any questions,  email or text me (0400 952 002).



BHPC Chief Instructor

Parts of the horse saddle and bridle - Worksheet 1 for riders 12 years and under Parts of the horse saddle and bridle - Worksheet 1 for riders 13 years and over

Parts of the horse. Reference sheet