Jumping Practice Session

Hi Brookfield Horse and Pony Club riders,

We are holding a Show Jumping Practice Session on Saturday 14 March, 2 pm – 5 pm.

All riding members are welcome, including our young lead line riders. The practice session will start with poles on the ground for beginners, 20-30 cm, 40-50 cm, 60-70 cm & 80-90 cm.

2 pm – show jump course set up

2.30 pm – walk beginners’ course

2.45 pm –  start with beginner riders learning how to ride around a course stepping over poles on the ground

Jumps will then start at 20-30 cm, with each round going 10 cm higher than the previous, up to 80-90 cm. Riders can do a maximum of 3 rounds, at the same height if they wish OR progressively higher. Instructors will be in attendance throughout the afternoon to give coaching assistance.

Approx. 5 pm – finish & pull-down

Pre-nomination is required and completed Horse Health Declarations must be handed in on the day.

To pre-nominate or if you have any questions, please email Sandy Pollitt at sandypollitt@hotmail.com.

Provide your name, starting height, your volunteer helper’s name & contact phone number, and whether your volunteer helper would like to do setup or pull-down.

Please RSVP by 6 pm Wednesday 11 March to help with the organisation of the practice session.

We look forward to an enthusiastic turnout!



(BHPC Chief Instructor)​