Hi BHPC riders,


May 2023 Muster: Sunday 28 May 2023 - are you coming or not coming?

9 am Start - 3 pm Finish (approximately) - We will start with a line-up on the Showgrounds at 9 am before breaking into groups for the different activities. Our special guest instructor, Trish Braithwaite, will be giving polework lessons on the Rita O’Hanlon arena to each group.

All riders, please let Sandy know if you are coming or not coming to the muster ASAP or at the latest by 5 pm Wednesday 24 May - email chiefinstructor@brookfieldponyclub.org.au or text 0400 952 002. This is important to allow rider groups and instructors to be organised and for catering purposes.

Our usual adult rider lesson before the muster will be with Trish doing polework. If you wish to take part, you must let me know so that I can organise appropriate groups. The first adult group may start at 7.30 to fit in all groups.

Rules and regulations

For the muster, please remember to fill out your Horse Health declaration, either via the Jotform link https://form.jotform.com/220551779565061 or paper copy. Hendra Virus vaccination requirements - As per our BHPC bylaws, no horse is to be brought to a BHPC muster, camp or clinic unless its current Hendra vaccination certificate showing full immunity has been provided.


Sandy Pollitt


BHPC Chief Instructor