Muster – Sunday 27 October

Hi Brookfield Pony Club members,

Details of our next muster, Sunday 27th October, 8am – 2.30pm. Informal poloshirt Uniform.

At our next muster, we will be holding a One Day Event (ODE) Training Day, (commonly called Horse Trials) which consists of 3 separate phases: dressage, cross country and show jumping. The day requires assistance from parents –  please come prepared to help – all parents should have a turn calling or pencilling in the dressage, rail or gate stewarding for show jumping, and being a helper for cross country.

There will also be Sporting & Stockman games!!

We always have lots of fun on the day – its very inclusive and everyone can take part. Even the youngest riders do a dressage test (parents are most welcome leading their riders in the dressage arena), and can get around the low showjump and cross country courses. Parents should bring a lead rope, and wear joggers if leading around the cross country – it’s a fair way!!!

This year, we have decided to add a spirit of competition to the day and one phase will be competitive!!! The Showjumping will be scored and the winners and placegetters will receive their ribbons at the end of the day. 

Here are the Classes to choose from. Riders WILL STAY IN THEIR CLASS FOR the DAY.

Class 1: Jump Height – Low. Dressage – choose either PCQ WalkTrot B or PCQ Prelim 1B (dressage callers allowed)

Class 2: Jump Height – 40 cm. Dressage – choose either PCQ WalkTrot B or PCQ Prelim 1B or PCQ Novice 2B (dressage callers allowed)

Class 3: Jump Height – 60 cm. Dressage – choose either PCQ Prelim 1B or PCQ Novice 2B (no dressage callers allowed)

Class 4: Jump Height – 80 cm. Dressage – choose either PCQ Prelim 1B or PCQ Novice 2B (no dressage callers allowed)

Riders are required to nominate to help with organisation and so that a dressage draw can be done. Simply let us know the rider’s name, selected Class and which dressage test you wish to do.

>>>>>Email these details to or text 0407 860 568. 

Example:- Name: Jenny Rider, Class 2 (Jump 40cm), and Dressage Test Prelim 1B

>>>> PLEASE NOMINATE ASAP – at least by 7pm on 17th OCTOBER. I need time to do up the DRAW!!!

To get a copy of the PCQ dressage test, download it from the PCQ website. Go to, click onto “Disciplines”, “Dressage & Combined Training”, then scroll down to the Dressage Tests. Print off whichever dressage test you need. Riders can start practising for their dressage test now.

To get more information about the Rules for PCQ ODEs, visit the Horse Trials rulebook, and Dressage rulebook for more details. Find these Rulebooks on the PCQ website, click onto “Resources”, then “Rulebooks”. PLEASE NOTE: Classes 3 & 4 cannot have a dressage caller, as per PCAQ Horse Trials Rules.

Hope to see lots of riders at this next muster.  Adults members are most welcome to ride. Email me with any queries – we’re always very flexible for riders and horses. If any advanced riders want to ride an Elementary test, let me know.



(October BHPC Muster co-ordinator)