Official and Unofficial Combined Training event Sunday 4 August 2024

Hi BHPC members,

Your club is again running an Official and Unofficial Combined Training event this year on Sunday 4 August 2024. Combined Training involves riding a dressage test, followed by a show jumping round. Riders from other Pony Clubs will also be coming to compete for trophies and ribbons. There are saddle cloth prizes for the riders in the Official and Unofficial classes with the best points.

The Official classes are for riders with a Performance Card for their horse and the jumping heights are higher than in the Unofficial classes that don’t require Performance Cards. Performance cards are available on the Pony Club Queensland website using the Horse Registration application form at Application to Register a Horse (

Since we have been practising elements of dressage and show jumping at our recent musters, why not give the competition a go in a friendly supportive environment at your own club. It would be great to have a big team of BHPC riders competing on the day. Your instructors are planning a practice session on Sunday 14 July including dressage coaching and dressage test practice with feedback, and also riding a show jumping round.

The CT program is attached for your information. Nomination is now open via the website, go to Equest | Competition Details (


  • BHPC riders DO NOT need to book or pay for a stable when nominating, but must contact Sandy to let her know they would like a stable. At the event, BHPC riders can park their horse floats along Horse Parade. Competitors from other clubs will park in the Reserve.
  • Parents of riders competing at the event will be required to take part in either setup or different roles on the day.

Any questions about the competition or nominating, please contact Sandy (email or phone 0400 952 002).



BHPC Combined Training Program - 4 August 2024