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BHPC Facilities

BHPC occupies and uses the clubhouse and canteen, and the Brookfield Showgrounds for Musters, this includes the use of the Long Yard (full sand dressage arena), the stables, yards and toilet facilities.  BHPC also enjoys a permit from the Brisbane City Council to use the Brookfield Recreation Reserve and has been granted a lease by the BCC over the Rita O’Hanlon Arena (double size full sand dressage arena). The Reserve is 10 acres of open space with a great cross country course up through the trees, and a nice place for a trail ride to cool down at the end of a busy Muster.

These wonderful facilities can be used by members of the pony club at any time outside of Muster days. However, remember to book if you want to use the arenas and please read the Conditions of Use

Hire the Rita O’Hanlon Arena

The Arena is also available for hire by instructors or groups. Please contact the Arena Hire co-ordinator for further information.

Brookfield Horse & Pony Club members and Arena Permit Holders will need to book the arena before use. This is done via a google calendar system. You will need a g-mail account to gain access to this system. Please e-mail your g-mail account the Arena Hire co-ordinator to allow permission to access the calendar.

Once all forms have been sent along with a g-mail address for the calendar to the arena co-ordinator the code for the gate lock will be emailed, together with instructions for making and changing arena bookings.

Hire the Canteen

The BHPC Canteen is a well-equipped kitchen available for hire for your next catering event or fundraiser. The canteen is situated overlooking the Brookfield Showground and adjoins a wide veranda providing ample shade and great views!

Bookings can be made via the club secretary.

Our Sponsors and Donors

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