PCA National Gear Rules

Subject PCA National Gear Rules, specific changes and important points to note

Hi Zone 1 Members,

Re: PCA National Gear Rules – changes and important points to note

The Zone 1 CIP have produced the attached document for distribution to our Zone 1 clubs and members.

Please note that it is not final, and does not contain all the changes which we will have to be following in the PCA National Gear Rules from 1st July, which is only days away.

Please share this document with all your members and go through it thoroughly, so you all have a good understanding of what will be required.

Some members made need to get a thicker bit, others may need a shorter dressage whip, while others may not be able to use their lead rein as they usually do. There are many more examples of changes within it.

So take time to read, and send me any queries. PCA will be reviewing these Rules every September, so its important to be aware of what is contained within the Gear Rules.



(Zone 1 CIP)

PCA National Gear Rules.specific changes and points to note.Zone 1 CIP