Zone 1 Combined Training Championships at Wynnum Pony Club by Ellie and Sarah

Sarah and Ellie (and the super Oakey and fabulous Corby) attended the Combined Training Day at Wynnum Pony club last weekend.

Sarah writes “It was so good to go and have someone else representing the club there with me!!

I had been practising and visualising my dressage test for weeks. I was focusing on impulsion, keeping a straight line on entering the arena, a square halt, and in particular getting Oakey to transition from canter to trot at “X”. For us we had not been successful doing this transition movement exactly at “X” until the actual test on the day! Oakey knew that something was different and listened very hard to my instructions, and I tried really hard to give him the specific signals to give him time to prepare for the changes. He was such a good boy! When we got back to the float I hugged him tight and there was lots of carrots and cuddles. We then did our show jumping round. I got a clear round under the time limit. And I must admit I was very surprised with a first overall in my official 10 years and under class. [Note from Ellie: “Sarah is such a lovely humble girl she omitted to mention that she was also awarded the trophy for Zone 1 Champion in her age group!!”]

However, one of the best highlights of the day for me was watching and cheering on Ellie Doerfer. Corby and Ellie have a magical partnership and I always learn heaps from watching the bigger girls ride. She did so well in her dressage test and her free rein trot stretching the horse’s head forward and downward, was I thought, the best of the day. I loved spending time with Ellie and Corby.

I especially took a seat up close near a double combination jump and saw that Ellie’s leg did not move and Corby sailed through the course easily. And they were very BIG jumps!!!! I was in awe.

We both have included some photos of the day in the hope that more Brookfield riders might be inspired to join in the fun at future competitions.”